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The workers compensation laws require employers to provide benefits to employees who have injuries arising out of and in the course of employment.

The law covers both mental and physical harm from either accidents or occupational disease, including hearing loss.

Medical Benefits

The law provides for payment of all reasonable and necessary medical care incurred to treat the injury. This includes reasonably necessary transportation expense.

How is Compensation Paid

During the time you are healing from your injury, you will get two-thirds of your weekly wage up to $582.00 a week.

Payment is made on the basis of a six day work week, Monday thru Saturday, regardless of the number of days a week you actually work. This means that your daily payment is one-sixth of your weekly payment.

There is a waiting period before benefits can be paid. The waiting period is the first three days, excluding Sunday, after the accident. You do not receive compensation for those three days if you are disabled for seven days or less. If you are disabled for more then seven days, you will receive compensation for those three days. No workers compensation is ever paid for the day of the injury.

When Will I Get My First Check

In most cases, the first payment will be made by the insurance company within 14 days of your last day worked. If payment takes longer, contact your employers compensation insurance company.

Key Steps In Workers Compensation

  1.  If you are hurt at work or become ill because of what you think is work related exposure:
    • A) Immediately report your accident or ailment to your supervisor. Continue to keep your employer informed about any changes in your injury.
    • B) Seek first aid and medical attention.
    • C) Remember that delays can affect not only your health, but also possible compensation benefits.
  2. Your employer then reports to its insurance company or internal claims office, if self-insured, and to Wisconsin Workers Compensation Division. You do not have to file a Workers Compensation claim yourself. if you report your injury.
  3. If you miss more than three days of work and are found eligible, you will receive compensation for your lost wages. Your medical cost will be paid. Workers Compensation also provides benefits to dependents of workers who die after work related accidents. If your injury or illness is eligible:
    • A) You will get a check from the insurance company or from your own self insured employer, usually within 14 days after your injury.
    • B) There is a three day waiting period, excluding Sunday, if however, you are off work more than seven days you will receive compensation for the first three days, after the day of injury. Any additional compensation for a permanent disability, such as an amputated limb, will be determined later, after you return to work or the healing period ends.

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