LIUNA Applauds White House’s Week-long Focus on Infrastructure and Jobs

Washington, DC (Friday, June 9, 2017) – LIUNA General President Terry O’Sullivan, who joined President Donald Trump at an event this week in Cincinnati to draw attention to the need to fix our nation’s infrastructure as part of the Administration’s “Infrastructure Week”, made the following statement:

President Donald Trump’s remarks in Cincinnati, at the U.S. Department of Transportation, and the series of scheduled events for “Infrastructure Week” have put needed focus on our nation’s infrastructure – from inland waterways and drinking water systems to roads, bridges, and energy infrastructure.  Our nation needs a state of the art infrastructure and LIUNA applauds President Donald Trump’s commitment to investing in our infrastructure and streamlining our permitting and environmental review processes. With both parties in Congress also calling for major investments in our infrastructure, we have an opportunity to rebuild our nation and create millions of good jobs.  Our elected leaders can seize this opportunity and ensure that rebuilding America’s infrastructure creates high road jobs with good wages and benefits that provide a pathway to the middle-class for our country’s construction workers.  LIUNA members, who were out in force for today’s event featuring President Donald Trump, Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao and Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke, are strong and determined advocates for infrastructure investment. LIUNA looks forward to working with the President and Congress to pass a large and sustained investment in infrastructure that rebuilds our nation and creates middle-class jobs with good wages and benefits.